Ghana’s Booming Real Estate

admin July 15, 2020

Ghana’s Booming Real Estate

Real estate is a property, this could be buildings, land and with precise rights above the land and underground
below. The residential market is the most active, registering an estimated 85000 transactions per annum over the
past decade.

Commercial property is the second-largest segment in the market and includes office accommodation and retail space. Initially, middle and high-end homes were afforded largely by non-resident Ghanaians and foreigners, but gradually the middle class in Ghana is growing and local Ghanaian are patronizing such homes.Now in Ghana,real estate is truly growing with the wings of eagle with high demands every now and then,as Ghanaian population of about 30.10 million in 2019,keeps increasing so there will definitively be the demand for shelter.


‘The outlook for the real estate or property development sector remains positive as the Ghanaian economy general shows great signs of resilience with an impressive growth rate of 8% in 2017 and a downward trajectory of inflation. It is expected that investors will continue to show great interest in the sector in order to diversify their investment portfolios in the economy.’(Source: GIPC Corporate Affairs)


Real facts to make your purchase NOW

This means a lot of home-working checks will be done for the buyer in-terms of what they require thus more adjustments in payments plan and their methodology of construction Real estate market is potentially great because the demand is there..

To own a property such as a house or a land means your future looks brighter than that of a vehicle,one can decide to lease or sell after some time because once a property is acquired, especially in Ghana, it value continues to appreciate. The value of a property does not depreciate and that means real money to the owner.

To verify a land ownership legalities, security checks, quality control for every aspect of home building in Ghana had been always exhausting for a laymen/citizen. And giving a good infrastructure for the home to develop on, is something the builder has already worked on with the best of teams, so the buyer can just focus only – making a beautiful home for themselves and their loved ones. The quality of construction has improved a lot and people are willing to pay for quality especially those with ready-mind to purchase so the demand is there


As the Ghana government attracts over us$3.5 bn fdi in 2018 this results shows much improvement in Ghana position as the most attractive destination foreign direct investment(fdi), ahead of neighbouring Nigeria,this steadiness of growth definitely will attract investors as they can clearly see the opportunities in all sectors from real estate to manufacturing and from banking to education.this is a good reason to be a a house owner.

Ghana’s GDP has been among Africa best countries increasing at 6.6 percent in the first quarter of 2017.GDP in Ghana is expected to be 51.00 $ billion by the end of this quarter, according to trading economics global macro models and analysts expectations.

In the long-term, the Ghana GDP is projected to trend around 60.00 $billion in 2020, according to our econometric
models.Definitely the country stable economy will be the best to own a property during this era.


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