Computer Numerical Control Operator

GH¢2000 - GH¢3000 / month

Job Description


As a CNC miller, you work from our office in Temse, Belgium (Relocation). You work on special steel constructions for industry, infrastructure, or offshore projects.

You are responsible for setting up, programming, operating, and maintaining a CNC milling machine.

You are responsible for the accurate placement of the workpiece, taking into account the nature of the operations, the program, and the wear of the tools (milling, drilling chisels)


•You have 4-5 years of experience working in a technical environment and have knowledge of large milling machines (Correa, Skoda, Mekof ..) with as X axis e.g.8000mm, Y axis 1500 mm and Z axis 3000 mm. Our Correa milling machine has a Heidenhain 640,460 control.

• You know which tools to choose and how to set them up.

• You can interpret technical drawings.

• You can organize and perform your tasks independently.

• You are an enthusiastic team player who constantly strives for quality.

• An operator makes his own set-ups of the workpiece, machining sequence, programming and back set-up tear down and piece deburring. Of course everything in consultation with the team leader. In the spoken language of milling, we called it programming but we should not think of it as what IT does. It is about entering the right instructions so that the machine performs the right actions.

• Have good knowledge of English